Day 19

I’ll tell you what!… If they don’t understand you, they judge you! But that’s ok! It’s a normal human being defense mechanism. If it’s out of the norm it must be weird! I remember not understanding why people do the things they do and maybe judge them secretly, or if they were close to me I would ask questions to figure out why they are different. But.. I have never ever been a cookie cutter! I love life and I love my family and my friends, and I love my job- being around women all unique and beautiful in their own way- I love cooking and when I set my mind to something, you bet your marbles it would get done!

So 19 days in, I had my first encounter with one of the best restaurants in Deer Park, TX. Gringos is the best tex mex restaurant ever! The waiter was very knowledgeable , let me know what I can or cannot have and of course they have the best margarita in the world! Had corn chips with salsa and guacamole, and veggie fajitas on home-made corn tortillas! I had just one and was full! Left overs for tomorrow at th e spa. Full day tomorrow too. I love being surrounded by beauty!
Like they say here:” I’ll see y’all soon!”

Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen:  check out the gluten guide on their home page.



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