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90 Day fruit and veggie challenge

I got challenged to eat only fruits and vegetables for 90 days. I love both…but no cheese, no eggs, no fish, no sushi, no wheat or rice! What the what?
I know it will be good for me, I’ll feel lighter, lose weight, my skin will glow, but I know it won’t be easy. So I decided to make it fun and have friends join me and cook some great food. And, let’s just add, I’m so grateful that wine is made out of fruit! Let’s be realistic, I can’t give up everything!
Most people start their resolutions on January the 1st or on a Monday but not me! I’ll start mine on the 3rd which is a Friday!

Welcome to My Blog!

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Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time now. Well, with a little help from my wonderful, handsome, loving husband (who is now typing this, by the way), I have finally done it. So, get ready for my first blog entry….coming soon.